The House

Formerly known as the "House of the Sayula Marquis" this property built in the late 18th century is inventoried by the INAH and the INBA as a building of historical value. The house was carefully renovated to turn it into an exclusive Boutique Hotel.

The process of restoration and decoration was made by Architect President of the Mexican Society of Interior Designers, and respected the original essence of the House. In September 2011 Gran Casa Sayula was awarded the prestigious La Obra del Año 2011 by Obras CNN Expansión in the Category of Hotels and Resorts. Gran Casa Sayula is a place for renovation, a place that still retains the essence of history and its mysteries. This is more than a simple Boutique Hotel; this is part of the history of a legendary people, a reminiscence that lives on in books, paintings and photographs. Today, the doors of this house are wide open and welcome you to what’s inside. 

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